INTERIORS was established more than two decades ago, on the 2nd October, 1976, then , by a pair of young, dynamic and qualified professionals, a civil/structural engineer and an architect - having great zeal and a single-minded devotion to create something par excellence. Since then, the company has grown from a fledgling to a name to reckon with in the fields of its activity.

Today, after little more than two decades, the efforts have paid rich dividends.

In these years of hard work, many rough roads have been successfully tread resulting in a mine of rich experience in technical and marketing fields.

At INTERIORS, our focus has always been on  catering products and services of the best quality and workmanship.

Apart from the promoters, we have a team of experienced personnel in designing and a network of marketing in Western India.

Today, our range of products include;

Furniture for Homes.
Furniture for Offices.
Computer Furniture.
Oriental and Carved furniture.
Decorative pieces, murals, paintings, figurines etc..
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